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Where you sleep and how well you sleep while attending the Annual Burning Man Festival held each August, 120 Miles Northeast of Reno, NV is a very important matter to consider.  Welcome to Rent My Mattress where you’ll find everything you need to get a better sleep. Thanks to our unbeatable buying power as Northern Nevada's largest mattress retailer, it’s easy for us to offer you more value than any of our competitors.

We understand the inconvenience of having to haul your bedding to the Playa, we know that spooges & stains happen and the thought of having to clean your linen post burn is not something you look forward to. For this reason; Rent My Mattress has entered into contracts with Third World Countries to pawn off each years used inventory, so you know you will be sleeping on pristine bedding.

This unique arrangement ensures as many mattresses as possible go to help needy families in impoverished nations sleep better, rather than ending up in our landfills. Does this cost us money? Do we get less in corporate profits? Of course… but we think it’s worth every penny. We know it is not always about a new Ferrari for each corporate vice-president but about giving back to humanity.

"Burning Man provides its attendees an abundance of choices of who they might 'Go To  Bed With', that is a hard enough decision in itself ", says ScottoBobScotto CEO of Rent My Mattress. "Once you have chosen your bed partner; why settle for a sleeping bag when you can slumber in luxury", continues ScottoBobScotto.